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Activator V

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Activator V Instrument

The Activator V Instrument is a revolutionary NEW product ! The Activator V Instrument is the first FDA approved cordless adjusting instrument. This Activator V Instrument has been designed to provide a better and more consistent adjustment to your patients. Instead of a "spring loaded" mechanism, the new Activator V Instrument uses and electronic mechanism to provide the thrust. Includes a complete range of force settings (1-4) all of which are accessible at the push of a button. The unique force wave allows the Activator V Instrument to give deeper penetration of the force with no discomfort to the patient .And the new light pre-load is perfect for use on the more tender areas of the body. The Activator V Instrument is Ergonomically designed to fit any hand, it is light weight, efficient and fully portable.

This Activator V Instrument Kit Includes

Activator V Instrument is the world’s first FDA registered cordless electronic chiropractic adjusting instrument. Producing thrust at the touch of a button, the Activator V uses a new force wave allowing deeper force penetration with little or no discomfort to you, the patient. Patients and doctors from around the world are reporting their delight with the results from this new instrument. Ask your doctor today about treatment with the new, state-of-the-art Activator V.

All Activator V Instrument have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.